Dr. Faro Sassani, North Vancouver

I am not a person who writes reviews or testimonials on anything, but this time I thought I should. Faith conducted three selling and purchasing transactions for our family and we are very grateful to her. She gave us excellent advice and we never felt that she was pressuring us in any way. She negotiated well on our behalf and her estimates were accurate and proved to be so. Any report we wanted she obtained quickly and she was readily available any time we had a question or concern. Faith also has excellent contacts for any renovation or fixes that were necessary. When we asked she suggested a notary who was prompt and accurate in dealing with the legal issues. Faith recommended a building inspector who was an expert, had necessary inspection tools, and provided us with a detailed report that assured us of what we were purchasing was in good order. We are very happy in our new home and even after the purchase transaction was over faith followed up with us to make sure everything was ok. Buying or selling she was fair and on our side. In particular when buying one may think that it can be done without a support of a realtor, but it is not really advisable to do so. We are glad that she was there for us. Thank you Faith.

Sarah Trivett, Vancouver

Having Faith for a realtor was the best possible decision I could have made when buying a home. I now have a realtor who I will use for life. I recommend Faith to everyone. When I was buying a home Faith went above and beyond to make sure that I chose a home that was a sound investment and one that I would be completely happy with. She took time to understand what I was looking for and worked hard to give me options that checked all my boxes. She had my back during the bidding process as well. I am so thankful to Faith for giving me such a wonderful home buying experience.

Katie & Karima & little Jessie (fur baby), North Vancouver

Without Faith there would be no hope, with Faith dreams are fulfilled! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Faith! You were right the stars were aligned. I have had such an amazing experience working with you, you are so professional, detailed, certain and sure! Your kindness and caring nature made me feel secure that this was not only the biggest decision in my life but the right decision. You offered guidance every step of the way, you coached when I started to wander and in the end helped me move my life forward in a perfect way. Your generosity was unexpected last night and Karima said it perfectly………. that is Faith! I love you from the bottom of my heart and while we continue to travel in a friendship circle I honestly feel a beautiful bond with you. When I am settled you will be first on the invite list………. Simply………..muchas gracias mi amiga, muchas gracias